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How it began:

In 2015, a team of experienced shipping and bunkering professionals came together to establish Bunker Partner, and we’ve been growing dynamically ever since. By uniting our energies and experience from different but well-interconnected backgrounds, we’ve built a business that’s mastered the art of shipping, marine fuel sales and procurement, and finance and cargo trading. Partnership is more than just a word to us: it is the essence of our business, that’s mastered the art of marine fuel sales and procurement.


Our expert knowledge of the markets and regulations partnered with our passion, imagination, hard work, and personal approach have earned us a reputation as a reliable partner. But our continued commitment to excellence and growth will solidify us as an industry leader for years to come.

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Our news



Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Shipping

As a trailblazer in the shipping industry, we are actively driving the change towards a zero-emission economy. Our commitment spans from supporting the shift to net-zero shipping to ensuring diverse and reliable energy sources for our customers. By exploring and promoting lower carbon fuels, we’re not only setting the sails for sustainable shipping but also securing a greener future for our planet.

Global Transition to a Zero-Emission Economy

The transition to an emissions-free economy on a world scale is already underway and picking up pace, with shipping companies, cargo owners and fuel producers being at the forefront of the decarbonisation drive.

Our Proactive Role in Achieving Net-Zero Shipping

We are taking a proactive part on the journey to net-zero shipping. We cooperate closely with our partners and regulators to promote existing low carbon intensity fuels and develop prospective marine energy solutions and carbon offprint mitigation schemes.

Customer Confidence in Diverse Energy Sources

The confidence of our customers in securing reliable energy sources is a top priority for us. Even if it’s LNG or biodiesel today, methanol tomorrow, and hydrogen and ammonia the day after – we are always there to supply it.

Serving Clients Worldwide

Bunker Partner is an independent global trader of marine fuels and bulk commodities with in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry. Today, we have trading offices in Estonia, Cyprus, Singapore, UAE, Greece, Germany and Denmark.

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Legal & Compliance

Ensuring Excellence through Legal Compliance and Ethical Operations

Bunker Partner is a highly reputable and reliable company that is dedicated to providing excellent services to its counterparties. We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service while ensuring that our operations are conducted in a compliant and ethical manner. At Bunker Partner, we understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with our counterparties, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our services exceed their expectations.

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Selling bunker fuel is no 9 to 5 job. You will be on your own, with little tolerance and high expectations. If you can handle it, the rewards can be substantial.

Motivated, experienced and committed employees are the backbone of our business success. Bunker Partner is a business on the move and constantly looking for new talent.