Credit Risk Management

At Bunker Partner we are taking risks seriously and constantly developing our risk management system. In order to be flexible and offer comprehensive services along with the broad product line we help our customers to avoid commodity and currency risks.

We have developed efficient hedging strategies which allow us to manage commodity price fluctuation and foreign exchange risks. By utilizing hedging strategies Bunker Partner takes the market risk off the customer and protects both parties against volatility.

Currency risk

We offer our customers hedging the purchasing transaction and invoicing in any major currency at their convenience.

Commodity risk

We develop the tailored hedge strategy for every contract and provide the customers with different options:

  • to set the fixed purchasing price for future single or multiple deliveries as per the contract.
  • to set the formula-based purchasing price pegged to the listed and OTC benchmarks (ICE Gasoil futures, CIF NWE / FOB Singapore swaps, etc)
  • to set the combined or tailored purchasing price on request