Happy birthday to us!

With great excitement and pride we are pleased to announce that we’ve turned 8 today!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has been with us along the way, building the company brick by brick and turning it into an FT1000 – ‘Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies’ 4th year in a row, as well as becoming a unique place of work around the world.

With the team we have, the new professionals joining and partners working with us we can surely say that the years ahead are going to be even more exciting, challenging, setting ambitious goals and opening new horizons – Sky is the limit! 

Happy birthday to us!

PS! Happy birthday to Daria Sukhanova our Cyprus colleague! We are so grateful to you for all of your hard work and soul you put into this company. Wishing you another wonderful year, much happiness and thank you for being such an excellent professional!

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